If you have done your research, you know fans are not created equally. This Zalman CNPS8900 performed admirably in benchmark tests at Tom’s Hardware (my absolute favorite website for practical consumer hardware reviews).

I won’t get long winded on this. Long story short the heat exchange pipes do not fit with ram that has any profile to it. I feel like this stuff needs to be pointed out. Hopefully someone will see this and be warned. This fan only takes low profile ram. It should be right on the dang cover.

What really kills me is if they had just developed an adapter that lets you rotate the cooler by 90 degrees there is plenty of room. Zalman and I are 0 for 2 right now after a CNPS9900 came with the fan bent enough back to brush against the rear fins.

Look at how much better that would have been! Come on guys, small metal bracket for this, please!

There is no bracket to support this 90 degree rotation, but it would have fit!