MonthMay 2015

Debian 8 Google Play Music Manager

I thought it would be perfect to have the “Minion” NAS always watching the shared Music folder to keep my music up to date. The following instructions assume you have a current Debian 8 “Jessie” and the LXDE desktop environment, although the latter condition may not be required to find this post useful.

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Debian based RAIDZ NAS

I have been using a 2TB external hard drive attached to a USB port on my RT-N66U router for my NAS solution. The router only supports USB2.0 and the R/W speeds are under 10MB/s. This works fine for streaming video, even with HD video playing on 2 of my HTHDTVPI‘s, but there is no redundancy. I cannibalized a few parts from other builds and bought some Western Digital Reds and built a NAS using ZFS.

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Debian 8 Minecraft Forge

I had a few hang ups with installing Minecraft Forge Server on Debian 8 a few months back and wrote down the process. I just got around today to cleaning up old Drive docs and found it. Hopefully this can help someone having issues. I am still exploring Linux, so if anyone has any corrections or simplifications I am always eager to learn. I desire to contribute to the collaborative knowledge for anything Linux.

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