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RPi SSH Authentication Server for 2FA RDP

My previous post showed that my home PC gets hit by about 35 remote login attempts a day by just having port 3389 forwarded to my home PC. More concerning is the MS Security Bulletin released last week showing serious vulnerabilities to RDP. To add another layer of security, I set up an SSH server on an old Raspberry Pi with only RSA authentication. Now to remote to my PC requires two-factor authentication, as you need not only the password to access the PC but the private key I keep on me at all times. Something you know and something you have.

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RDP Port Forwarding Drama

For the past year I have done everything on my home PC through a remote desktop connection that wasn’t gaming. It saved me hours of work when the school’s power went out. It keeps my free 15GB on Google Drive far below the limit. It prevents me from logging into sites on public computers.

On July 16th I enabled login auditing, just to see how much of a risk it is having port 3389 forwarded to my home PC. On the 20th I set up a custom view to show login failures.


4 days, 135 attempted logins. Long story short don’t do that. Thankfully I use complex passwords. My next post will address a more secure method for remote desktop connections.


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