New PC Build with aesthetics as priority.

Inwin 904 case
Asus Sabertooth Mark S
Intel i7-4790k
Corsair H90 AIO Cooler
32GB DDR3-1866
Corsair 760
Galax HOF 980ti
140mm BitFenix Spectre Pro Fans

Hit more for build details.

I started aquiring the parts in March for the new build. Love the Inwin 904 but there are some serious design challenges with cooling. With a buddy of mine, we explored crazy alternatives like custom water cooled loops with an external radiator, using the drive bay for a custom pump/radiator, and cannibalizing the open lower part of the case.

Ultimately I decided to lower the bar a little bit and just find a AIO with a long enough hose. I found the perfect middle ground, the Fractal Design Kelvin T12 looked good for the build and had an expandable AIO. I mapped and measured for hard tubes, nice white Bitspower fittings, and opaque white liquid. Unfortunately, this product for whatever reason is exclusively available in Europe. I attempted to contact multiple sellers, German websites using Google Translate, resellers, and contacting the manufacturer directly. I was told no US shipping by all of them. Performance PC (awesome guys by the way) tried to get ahold of it from their distributer for me as well and no luck. I found on a website rumors of a lawsuit that kept it out of the country, but there was no evidence of that.

20151101_005920_001Back to the drawing board. I was fed up and bought a Coolermaster AIO. The hoses wouldn’t reach. Returned that and tried the Corsair H90 which just barely reaches. Really makes it a pain to get the back panel off now! Corsair does look good, I just wish I could have gotten one that had more white on it or illumination.

In June I migrated to the new case with an ugly EVGA 780, which was the biggest hang up for completing the build.June 2015

Got the 3D printer up and running (details coming soon…), learned a little Sketchup, and created a power supply cover. The white PSU cables made it look like a wreck in the bottom area, and when you are making cables tight you need a place to dump slack. I have an avatar I drew up when I was younger that I use for my public-facing profiles. I created a vector-based drawing of the image, imported it into Sketchup, extruded the image from the PSU cover, and printed it. I found the perfect backing material, a cheap binder, and some white LEDs running off the 12VDC supplied off the molex run from the PSU.

Finally, the GPU replacement. Swapped the 780 for the Galax HOF 980ti, which is absolutely beautiful.