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Home Server Build

New personal PC build is coming along nicely, but I won’t be revealing until it is ready. I have it running now which freed up my old PC (old as in running a i7-4970k). I decided to use it as a general use home server. I would have given it to my girlfriend to play Minecraft better but she told me she doesn’t read my website! SUCKER!

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CentOS, ZFS Filesystem, iSCSI Target. Work in progress.

With 64-bit VMs finally available to me via enabled vt-d (previous post) I could finally start the project tasked by my instructor at EvCC.

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Asus Z97-PRO (and likely any ASUS Z97 mobo) vt-d fix

I finally found the solution to my vt-d enable problems! Asus has limited documentation about their “fast boot” bios option which is frustrating. It would seem that when enabled it skips over VT-d check. Dropping it has remedied my problem. Finally, CentOS 64 for the next big project! The boot time seems unaffected by the way, I still sit @<30sec to OS. Not sure who that really benefits, and it doesn't say what else it skips over! [caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="593"]What a frustratingly simple fix for such a significant problem. What a frustratingly simple fix for such a significant problem.[/caption]

PC vs Next-Gen Console

It came up a few times this week that people were planning to buy a console over the holidays. I just wanted to make people aware that current PC prices allow for a better gaming experience and more functionality for about the same price. To demonstrate this, I have set up a PC build showing it is possible, with some explanations for the computer illiterate. Keep in mind that it does not include a monitor (the consoles don’t include a TV) or keyboard/mouse! At the bottom of the article is my sources for console hardware specs to keep it less technical and boring.

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My intro to VMware

Thanks to the free software from being a student, I started playing with VMware Workstation 10. I understand it is a booming trade to learn and am using it when I can. It was a safe way to try out the Windows 10 Technical Preview too.

I don’t want to try to sell myself here as good at any of this yet. I really want to get into virtualization. In preparation to work on a project at school, I set up a ZFS file system with an iSCSI target on FreeBSD. I was successful in connecting and given the option to format a partition in Windows.

Shamelessly showing off my beautiful 3840x1080 workspace too.

Shamelessly showing off my beautiful 3840×1080 workspace too.

Next up will be setting up a simple Enterprise level virtualization to play around with.

The Kali Chromebook. Kalibook? Working title.

I found an awesome article on installing Ubuntu on the Chromebook with Crouton, and wondered if I could extend that to an ARM-based Kali distro. It gets more difficult as the instructions provided by Kali on how to install Kali on a Chromebook involve a bootable SD or USB and I didn’t want to have to carry another thing around. Another cool thing about using Crouton is the super responsive CTRL+ALT+Shift and Forwards/Backwards to switch between distros.

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3 PC Builds, 3 Days.

I am no economist, but I’ll call this trickle down economics. Upgrading myself to a i7-4790k on an ASUS z97-PRO, passing the i5-2500k and ASUS P8Z68-V on to my father’s rig. Cooling parts arrived for the girlfriend’s (and my only endevour into AMD sockets) A8-3870K to see if we can squeeze a little more life out of the budget processor. Read more for details.

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One for r/Techsupportgore

Reformatted a coworker’s computer last night. 10 minutes from boot to idle, and 8 or 9 (I didn’t think to count or take a picture until it was too late) of those “PC Optimizer” scam programs, and a power supply with a broken plug.

Vintage Gaming Trade

Could you call it that? Sounds classy. I’ve been picking up SNES and N64 games that are not holding their saves and replacing the batteries. They sell a lot better when they work!

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