Home Server Build

New personal PC build is coming along nicely, but I won’t be revealing until it is ready. I have it running now which freed up my old PC (old as in running a i7-4970k). I decided to use it as a general use home server. I would have given it to my girlfriend to play Minecraft better but she told me she doesn’t read my website! SUCKER!

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CentOS, ZFS Filesystem, iSCSI Target. Work in progress.

With 64-bit VMs finally available to me via enabled vt-d (previous post) I could finally start the project tasked by my instructor at EvCC.

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The Kali Chromebook. Kalibook? Working title.

I found an awesome article on installing Ubuntu on the Chromebook with Crouton, and wondered if I could extend that to an ARM-based Kali distro. It gets more difficult as the instructions provided by Kali on how to install Kali on a Chromebook involve a bootable SD or USB and I didn’t want to have to carry another thing around. Another cool thing about using Crouton is the super responsive CTRL+ALT+Shift and Forwards/Backwards to switch between distros.

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